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Twelfth net  


Creator / Director

 Consisting of HTML, links and chatrooms - Twelfth Net was a website based performance, adapted from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

It existed live for an hour at a time at the web address - before disappearing into the void.

Hve u ever bin 2 the twelfth pge of g00gle? 


Hve u ever clicked a l1nk evn tho it looked a bit dodgy??


Hve u ever sed hi in a chatroom just 4 lols and then fallen madly in lov w a stranger online?

             even tho that stranger mite actually be a 455 yr old dead bard controllin ur lyfe from beyond ur grave???


w3 hav. 


Welcome to Twelfth Net. 


Made by 4 of Billz most B4RDC0REE SH444KESH1FTING ANTI-FANS, Twelfth Net is a fan site, a love letter and cesspool. Itz an undul4ting cl1ckh0l3 of viruses and ador4tion 

It is N0T bardolatry. It is fan fiction 4 the www.shakespeare generation

Click 2 enter performance. 

Performed by:

            Abbie Down, Violet Vincent, Pari Karkehabadi and Nina Vuleta 

Performed at:

            Propel Festival 2020


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