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zomg, bunny !! have you just seen the show ?? did you love it ??? did it make you feel peachy ???? did I look like a STAR ?!?


UGH ! so good. so so good, bunny. so so good. 

LISTEN. this damn website isn't done yet because bunny hasn't made it properly yet (◡△◡✿)

so you're on our landing page where there is absolutely NOTHING TO DO BUNNY !!!!(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻


If you press that cute little button over there maybe something fun will happen??? Maybe. 

I don't know (●´ω`●)

But, actually - there is maybe one thing you can do...⊂•⊃_⊂•⊃

((and like UGH I guess if you came here to 

find out about *Genevieve Jagger* then you 

can click this other button...))

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